Submitted works


1st Edition

In order of shipping

Abstract Letter, Jean-Paul Cattin, Photography, 2012


Women with Money, mixed Media\Collage, Boris Duhm, 2012

Envelope, Front, Mixed Media\Collage

Carte Postale Frontside, Mixed Media\Collage, Boris Duhm, 2012

Carte Postale backside, Mixed Media\Collage, Boris Duhm, 2012


Tribute to Korbinian Aigner, der “Apfelbauer”, Laura Lopéz-Paniagua, Berlin 2012


Object, 2 stamped Envelopes (one with adress of artst, one with adress of initiator\curator), very red zipper, Stefania Migliorati, 2012


Family Business, painted from old postcard, frontside, Irma Markulin, 2012

Family Business, backside, croatian text, Irma Markulin, 2012


Abreise 6. Oktober (Departure 6th October), Drawing with crayon, Johanna Silbermann, 2012


A Movie, cardboard, typed text on both sides, 2 loopholes, 2 black strings, Marc Buchy, 2012

“All you need for a movie is a gun and a girl” Jean-Luc Godard, journal entry, 1991

Thaumathrope frontside: a gun

Thaumatrope backside: a girl

Thaumathrope im use


Greetings fromOEAȄE, colour crayon on cardboard, frontside, Rebecca Agnes, 2012

Greetings from OEAȄE, backside, coordinates, drawn stamp and blank destination, Rebecca Agnes, 2012


EPSON scanner image

Love sweet Love, graphite on tracing paper, cardboard in envelope,Tijana Titin, 2012

Text cited from the Novel “Alexandria Quartett” by Lawrence Durrell, handwritten on backside of cardboard


EPSON scanner image

“PFPK”, collage on cardboard, mixed media, Karsten Krause, 2012

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